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Astrology & Astrological signs

When studying Astrology, you probably assume it is about studying astrological signs, readings and charts and forming horoscopes. This is entirely correct, but we will go on to explain in a little more detail below. It is not astronomy - that is the scientific study of physical matter in the sky.

The definition of Astrology is something along the lines of :

the study of correlations of celestial events that pass 'behaviours' to earth, which are unable to be explained by gravity, magnetics or other scientific forces that are currently understood by Man

Often you will hear key terms like "Celestial Events" in astrological readings and charts. Don't be put off it is quite simple to follow. A celestial event is the sun rising, a shooting star or an eclipse - it is basically any event that happens in the sky that involves the Sun, Moon, Planets, Asteroids, Comets, Stars, Black holes or other celestial objects. Remember that Astrological influences have nothing to do with gravity or any other known scientific forces - so tidal movements are not an astrological sign!

Used for thousands of years, astrology has always been receievd with a modicum of scepticism. With roots back to times when science was not understood, nowadays, many people only see astrology as a fun newspaper column or game show sideline. Consider also that as Astrology is the study of a correlation between celestial events and earth behaviours - how can you explain the link and physical effect between the two? To date, there is not scientific proof that astrology works. However, there are obsevations and theories where analysis by scientists of earth behaviours at a time when celestial events occur has produced correlations between the two. Maybe not so unscientific? But compare to the scientific theory and fact relating to gravity - still an unknown.

So in this website we have set about exlaining the astrological signs, what astrological readings are and also set you up for love horoscopes and and astrology matches. It is common for people that are looking for dating partners to consider star signs and compatibility!

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