astrology match
Astrology match for signs of the Zodiac uncovered

Astrology Match

It's almost the same as Love Horoscopes - in that Astrology Match is all about finding astrological compatibility to determine whether relationships are likely to be successful, or not. Your Zodiac sign is charted with various traits, as are the 11 other signs of the Zodiac. There are particular people traits and people characteristics that don't get on in the day to day world. Astrology Match is about pitching your sign against another to see whether astrology compatibility is present or not.

Whether you believe that Zodiac sign compatibility is essential to the success of a relationship or not, there does seem to be evidence that you are defintiely more compatible with some Zodiac signs more than others.

Apparently THE most important factor in the whole subject of Astrology Match comes down to whether the two Signs are on the same 'emotional type' or are 'cut from the same emotional cloth' as I read somewhere.


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By Zodiac Sign :

Aries  [21 March - 19 April]
Taurus  [20 April - 20 May]
Gemini  [21 May - 21 June]
Cancer  [22 June - 22 July]
Leo  [23 July - 22 Aug]
Virgo  [23 Aug - 22 Sept]
Libra  [23 Sept - 22 Oct]
Scorpio  [23 Oct - 21 Nov]
Sagittarius  [22 Nov - 21 Dec]
Capricorn  [22 Dec - 19 Jan]
Aquarius  [20 Jan - 18 Feb]
Pisces  [19 Feb - 20 March]