astrology relationships
Astrology relationships and love horoscopes explained

Astrology relationships

Are you interested in knowing how astrology relationships information can help you to unravel the compatibility of almost any relationship in your life? With simple astrological readings and charts you can learn to understand more about all the signs of the Zodiac.

Why not seek a fascinating look at not only the current relationships that you have, but use astrology relationship readings to look at potential future ones too. See how different signs interelate and how some will never be compatible.

Astrology relationships uses two separate astrology charts and compares then in order to examine strengths, weaknessses and most of all compatibilities of any relationship.

Have you thought about Romance?

You have just met someone you think is special. How do you know whether this person is good for you - great sex, good laugh, drinks a lot?These astrology readings can help you to look at the overall compatibility, principally in your personality, your temperament and possibly in your lifestyle. So the chemistry that makes most of us tick - you can find help to see whether it exists.

Thought about friendships & business?

You can also use astrological readings and charts to find out how you can take both of these relationships forward. Find out what obstacles you may face, will there be conflict or what type of conflict even. This will hepl you achieve a greater understanding of each other or even not enter into certain partnerships.

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By Zodiac Sign :

Aries  [21 March - 19 April]
Taurus  [20 April - 20 May]
Gemini  [21 May - 21 June]
Cancer  [22 June - 22 July]
Leo  [23 July - 22 Aug]
Virgo  [23 Aug - 22 Sept]
Libra  [23 Sept - 22 Oct]
Scorpio  [23 Oct - 21 Nov]
Sagittarius  [22 Nov - 21 Dec]
Capricorn  [22 Dec - 19 Jan]
Aquarius  [20 Jan - 18 Feb]
Pisces  [19 Feb - 20 March]