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Where do you look for the best free horoscopes on the web. There's hundreds of websites that pertain to offer everything from free horoscopes to monthly horoscopes, personality quizzes and more - so you will do well to browse and find the best sites that have a lot of basic information to get you started as well as paid or sign up deals for further information.

People do horoscopes for all kind of reasons - whether you want to find a path for you, get some ideas for what's coming down the track or plain old curiousity as to what tha stars say should be happening to you at a certain time. A lot of the time, people view free horoscopes and astrological predictions as a bit of fun that just happens to mirror events loosely or otherwise.

One very popular area when looking for free horoscopes online is to find "compatibility horoscopes". These provide an insight into inner workings of relationships already in place. They can help you to see and understand hopes, personality traits and your specific likes and dislikes by comparing both partners horoscopes closely. Obviously the stars cannot sort out all our problems in this waym but they may be able to highlight key areas where decisions could help you to redefine who might be your ideal partner.

So for all the latest astrology information, charts and horoscopes to your email box, start with as your first port of call to see what may be in store for you today.

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By Zodiac Sign :

Aries  [21 March - 19 April]
Taurus  [20 April - 20 May]
Gemini  [21 May - 21 June]
Cancer  [22 June - 22 July]
Leo  [23 July - 22 Aug]
Virgo  [23 Aug - 22 Sept]
Libra  [23 Sept - 22 Oct]
Scorpio  [23 Oct - 21 Nov]
Sagittarius  [22 Nov - 21 Dec]
Capricorn  [22 Dec - 19 Jan]
Aquarius  [20 Jan - 18 Feb]
Pisces  [19 Feb - 20 March]