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Zodiac sign of Leo : traits & relationships explained

Leo horoscope

23 July to 22 August

The fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo is the sign of the lion and like this animal, Leos are majestic like and dominant in character. What comes with the dominance, is a loving and fun-time character that offers much affection thanks to their antics and their self-confidence.

One downside of the powerful character, Leos can also be seen as a little overbearing sometimes but through it all comes their love of life and this makes them really likeable. Love'em or hate'em they can make great leaders with the right soliders supporting them.

Personal traits

With the dominant and majestic streak, no suprise that Leo's like to think of themselves as born leaders. They take command and they love it! This almost courageous stance ensures others look up to the Lions and as such they love to entertain by being the centre of attention. So with a flair for the creative and their fun-loving attitudes they win many admirers. Just remember that they don't like being upstaged, Leos are not good at being second best - to anyone!

The downside to all the pageantry is arrogance and even conceit if they feel people are not looking up to them. With an overbearing streak to always be top dog, their outgoing personality and their dominant persona, can seriously get under other star signs skin, but it is their arrogance and assumption that no one can match their position that seals it for many!

Your key traits

The good traits The not so good traits

Personal relationships :

Strangely for someone so bombastic, Leos can be very open and sincere in their relationships. With their flair for the dramatic offering many spontaneous options they bring warm-heartedness and openness unless they feel let down. Unfortunately as they can sometimes not be a good judge of character (they missed that bit thanks to their dominancy) they can sometimes back the wrong horse - with some disasterous consequences.

With all the energy and drive, they love sex and are very attracted to partners - sometimes to the point at which they may stray from the monogamous relationship they so want. They are also often lead to deceive in order to get their own way and marriages may fail - despite their faithfullness to a partner whilst everything is going well.

You like You dislike
New beginnings
Being in charge
Small mindedness
Not being daring
Mean people!

Leo Health :

The areas of the body most often associated with Leo are those of the heart and the upper back. The spine is also generally associated with Leo. This lends to the sign of Leo the ideas of both warm heartedness and courage. Those born under the sign of Leo tend to be energetic and athletic and this bodes well for their health as long as this is complemented by a good diet and a sensible sleep pattern.

Leo tends to have great appetite for all things in life and food is no exception here. In this way Leo needs to be aware of over indulging in this area and thus developing weight problems or particular diseases connected with over consumption of one type of food.

Leo tends to enjoy robust health in general but being associated with the heart there are particular food stuffs that should really be avoided if possible in order to maintain an optimum level of well-being. Fatty foods in general should only be consumed on rare occasions as it quickly becomes dangerous to ingest such food stuffs as a regular part of the diet. Taking care in this way can be a real problem for Leo as they do have a particularly strong liking for rich food in all its forms.

Alcohol should also be consumed in moderation as Leo's passion for life can sometimes lead them into an unhealthy relationship with drinking. But if Leo takes care of their diet they can generally expect to life long and fulfilled lives.

Leo Money/Career :

Leo loves to both make money and spend it. Flamboyant characters that they are, those born under the sign of Leo find it easy to exchange their money for fine clothes and impressive cars in order to attract more attention in their direction. While managing their own finances is not a strong point it is generally found that if Leo gets into difficulty where money is concerned they will soon get out of it again. To be seen to have failed is not acceptable to Leo and they will thus do their utmost to come out on top once more.

As long as they are sufficiently knowledgeable about their area of expertise, Leos make great managers. However, Leo's can sometimes get into management positions by dint of their charismatic personalities rather than by their innate ability. When adequately trained this is not a problem and a Leo will make an excellent head of any department when thoroughly versed in the regime in question. Leo likes to be in charge and to be seen to be important and therefore a managerial role suits them down to the ground. When responsibility is placed upon the shoulders of Leo they will almost always rise to the occasion. Looking bad is not something that Leo likes and in this way they will put in the extra hours if they fear that there is a danger of this happening.

Leo is demonstrative and likes to talk and be listened to. In this way Leo excels in sales roles as long as they believe in the product that they are attempting to sell.

Leo in Astrology :

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the Lion (universally known as the King of the jungle). The word for lion in Latin is Leo and in Greek the word is Leon. Leo is one of the three fire signs, the others being Aries and Sagittarius. Just like Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, we find that Leo is positive in polarity which has the effect of making Leo extrovert in personality and outgoing in general rather than being withdrawn or highly sensitive.

In Greek mythology Hercules was charged with defeating the Lion of Nemea as the first of his twelve labours. This powerful beast had vanquished all of its previous opponents and so Hercules was called to make an attempt to finally bring it to rest. Disregarding the use of weapons, Hercules eventually managed to strangle the Lion of Nemea. To commemorate this Zeus, the head of the Greek pantheon, placed the lion amongst the stars as a constellation which we now refer to as being the zodiac sign of Leo.

Ruling planet: Sun Element: Fire Colour: Orange Polar or opposite zodiac sign: Aquarius

Useful other Leo facts :

Element Fire
Ruling planet Sun
Ruling animal Lion
Your colour Gold
Star Stone Ruby
Favourite foods onions, apples, oranges, garlic, chicken

Finally some famous (and infamous) Leos :

Date Name What they did?
29 July 1938 Benito Mussolini Dictator
30 July 1947 Arnold Schwarzennegger Actor / Politician
2 August 1932 Peter O'Toole Actor
5 August 1927 Andy Warhol Artist
6 August 1809 Alfred Tennyson Poet
10 August 1874 Herbert Hoover US President
13 August 1899 Alfred Hitchcock Author / Director
15 August 1769 Napoleon Military
18 August 1933 Roman Polanski Writer
19 August 1882 Coco Chanel Fashion


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