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Zodiac sign of Libra : traits & relationships explained

Libra horoscope

23 Sept - 22 Oct

As the seventh sign of the Zodiac, Libra is represented not by an animal or human but by the Scales. Naturally this infers a degree of balance, equality and order to be at the core of a Libran's personality.

Alongside their balanced nature, our Libra horoscope shows that they also have great listening and observation skills. In being so good at listening and understanding, Libran's can be seen as indecisive. Using their charm and likeability - they can also flirt outrageously to get what they want from you.

Personal traits

The Zodiac sign of Libra is ruled by the goddess of love - Venus. So they see beauty - in everything! This love of beauty and their love of fine things in general makes them perfect candidates for designers or artists. They also possess charm and sensitivity in oodles. So being the balanced individual they are they can stand back and consider things with impartiality. However Librans are not a walkover and will not tolerate argument from people challenging their opinions.

Librans do not like vulgarity or thuggishness as they are themselves naturally gentle and caring. Librans value beauty - so outward beauty may be their downfall sometimes as they rush into relationships or get lured into doing things on face values rather than looking deeper into someone's character.

Libran's have a natural affinity to make the peace, and often end up mediating in arguments in order to restore a common ground and create peace. Criticise a Libran and you will know about it. They do not take this well and therefore you may see an insecurity under close scrutiny. Hogging the limelight is not their passion, but a bit of being the centre of it all is always there and therefore if you see only this part of their personality you may misconstrue as being very self-centred.

Your key traits

The good traits The not so good traits
Easily led

Personal relationships :

Great partners, Librans show good understanding of their partner's views and are good at compromise. Librans like the opposite sex letting it get to promiscuity on occassions. They listen, they understand and they show care and love.

Marriages do stand a great chance of success as at this stage both parties re ready for commitment with equal minds. With kindness, romance and love abundant, the empathy they offer can hepl to smooth over the rough patches that all relationships suffer.

You like You dislike
Fine 'things'

Libra Health :

Taking care of the liver and the kidneys and the skin is the key to Libra's overall health and it is these parts of the body that a Libra should look to in order to safeguard general wellbeing. The lower of area of the back is also important to the sign of Libra where health is concerned.

In matters of diet Libra tends to have a particular fondness for rich and sugary foods which detract from rather than contribute to general good health especially over the longer term. In this way in order to maintain a healthy metabolism those of the sign of Libra would do well to monitor their diet and attempt to cut down on this type of foodstuff as much as they possibly can.

Since the kidneys can be a problem for Libra a regular consumption of generous amounts of pure water is often recommended. This regime of habitually drinking pure water as opposed to soft drinks or alcohol helps immensely to flush the kidneys of any build-up of toxins which have accumulated over time.

In order to safeguard the liver Libra should abstain from drinking too much alcohol, a penchant which many of the sign of Libra are unfortunately prone to manifesting.

Sensible eating and drinking habits should not be too difficult for Libra to manage, however, as they are traditionally regarded as being the sign of the zodiac most concerned with the idea of balance and equilibrium.

Libra Money/Career :

Due to the fact that Libra is concerned with fairness and thus tries to seek out and achieve accord whenever they notice this is lacking, Libra makes an ideal member of staff for any workforce. Their great skills in matters of conciliation means that Libra excels in those roles concerned with diplomacy and arbitration.

Libra enjoys being in charge in almost all situations and therefore can often make an excellent manager of others. Combine this desire for authority with the skill that Libra has in bringing harmony and agreement and you have the perfect recipe for a happy workforce.

Libra is generally successful in business but can often be surprised at the cut-throat nature of the world of commerce tending as they naturally do to ideas of fairness and equal give and take.

As an employee Libra needs a pleasant, some say beautiful, place to work. If you request someone of the sign of Libra to work in an untidy environment they will be unhappy and their output is likely to suffer.

In matters of personal finance Libra can have trouble in paying bills on time. This is not because Libra does not like to pay bills, when they know they owe money they are more than happy to pay, but merely because money is not paramount in their minds and so they can simply forget that anything outstanding is due. Libra tends to swing between being either extremely miserly or bountifully generous with their hard earned cash.

Libra in Astrology :

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the Scales. Libra is one of the three Air signs, the others being Gemini and Aquarius. And, just like Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius, we find that Libra is positive in polarity which tends to make them appear more extroverted in personality and outgoing in general rather than being withdrawn or highly sensitive.

The term Libra originates from the Latin word for balance or scales and is often depicted graphically in this way. From time immemorial Libra has been linked to judgement both in this life and the next. This idea has been retained in the modern world and we can see this in statues of a female figure holding the balance or scales of judgement outside of legal courts in cities throughout the Western world.

In the zodiac the opposite sign to Libra is Aries. Signs in opposition to each other can learn from each other mutually and from Aries Libra can learn to better stand up for themselves.

Ruling planet: Venus Element: Air Colour: Indigo blue Polar or opposite zodiac sign: Aries

Useful other Libra facts :

Element Air
Ruling planet Venus
Ruling entity The Virgin
Your colour Blue
Star Stone Sapphire
Favourite foods breads, strawberries, grains, pasta

Finally some famous (and infamous) Librans :

Date Name What they did?
24 September 1896 F.Scott Fitzgerald Writer
26 September 1888 T.S. Elliot Poet
29 September 1943 Lech Walesa Politician
2 October 1869 Mahatma Gandhi Pacifist
8 October 1885 Juan Peron Leader
9 October 1940 John Lennon Musician
11 September 1885 D.H. Lawrence Writer
16 October 1854 Oscar Wilde Writer
21 October 1833 Alfred Nobel Scientist
22 October 1811 Franz Liszt Composer


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