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Zodiac sign of Sagittarius : traits & relationships explained


22 Nov - 21 Dec

The archer is the ninth sign of the Zodiac - nestled between Scorpio and Capricorn the Sagittarius horoscope is a very positive one. Blessed with a curious streak and luck - they are very much cup half full in their outlook on life and offer a cheerful front. So come what may, they seem to keep marching on.

Sagitarrians are generally very very independent and proud of it making no illusions of their trouble free spirits - fun loving and open, they show kindness to all with no secret agenda as such. What you see is what you get and they can be clever and creative in abundance.

Personal traits

The luck and optimism serves Sagittarians well and coupled with their curiousity means travel or exploration is high on the agenda. Luckily they are also social people and therefore attract warm friendly people - especially when they are in their entertainment mood. With a broad, clever mind and the exploring inquisitive curious nature, they are open to new ideas and can embrace them with good nature and think round associated problems that may arise if they are effected in anyway.

As friends Sagittarians offer kindness and help in abundance - with no expectation of anything in return. There's little sign of jealousy or possessiveness and they certainly won't be telling you how to live your life. They can tend to be a bit tactless sometimes in conversation - but it's more borne out of not being able to contain themselves than maliciousness. With creative and extrovert personalities, they are prone to restlessness and also carelessness as they find themselves wanting to move on to the next and bigger things in life.

Your key traits

The good traits The not so good traits

Personal relationships :

As with their straightforward approach to life - Sagittarians are straightforward and sincere when they are in love. What you see is what you get - unless you cross them. If they have been gullable or their curiousity has gotten the better of them - then more so they will take it to heart or flip the other way and take it out on the opposite sex in general.

Often advertisty will be brushed aside in a reltationship as their over optimistic streak will ensure they see all the positives - with out the negatives. Sagittarians do have a desire for constant change, therefore committing to a relationship may be an issue if the person is not a perfect match. Carelessness may be a factor when choosing a partner for marriage - but if all else fails they revert to their travelling and wunderlust.

You like You dislike
Being tied down

Shallow people

Sagittarius Health :

It is said that Sagittarius is ruled by the hips, the thighs and the liver and it is these parts of the body with which they should take extra special care. The reason that Sagittarius should try to take more care of those parts of the body special to their sign (more than those born under the other signs should take of theirs) is that Sagittarius is regarded as being particularly accident prone. This health concern is compounded by the fact that Sagittarius is an adventurous and daring individual with a liking for risky sports and other behaviour that can lead to physical damage.

The liver is that part of the body most susceptible to damage from over consumption of alcohol so Sagittarius should be warned about their intake of intoxicating drink over the entire span of their lifetimes. If Sagittarius spurns this advice (and this is quite likely due to their cavalier approach to warnings in general) they should at least consider taking a regular dose of milk thistle which heals the wounded liver like no other substance does, according to herbal lore.

Whenever possible Sagittarius is advised to stick to a vegetarian diet though this should be carefully monitored to ensure proper intake of protein. A diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables complemented by a sufficient intake of pulses and nuts and other such foods should satisfy Sagittarius needs for the energy that this most athletic of signs requires.

Sagittarius Money/Career :

The versatile nature of Sagittarius means that you are likely to find this sign in all walks of life professionally. Sagittarius can turn their hands to almost anything. Couple this with the natural energy and vitality that Sagittarius possesses and you have the ideal candidate for a troubleshooting role in a variety of types of organisation.

Due to a great love of knowledge and an inbuilt thirst to expand and build on this as much as they possibly can, Sagittarius is ideally suited to any type of work in the scientific sector from a role as a lab technician to being the head of a science department. Sagittarius is also a natural communicator and has no difficulty in addressing a diverse audience. In this way we find that many politicians or public relations people are born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is not suited to work that is repetitive and unimaginative. When Sagittarius is placed in such a role they quickly become bored and unhappy and their output can suffer dramatically as a result.

Sagittarius does not like money for its own sake but can see the value in accumulating capital for the purposes of funding their intellectual interests or for spending on holidays in new and interesting places.

Sagittarius is also known to be lucky where money is concerned and can often be in possession of great amounts of it simply by dint of happy circumstance.

Sagittarius in Astrology :

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the Archer. Sagittarius is also sometimes portrayed as a Centaur. Indeed these two characters are often combined giving us a half man half horse figure in possession of a bow and arrow, aiming its weapon towards the stars above.

Sagittarius is most closely associated with the centaur Chiron of Greek mythology, half mortal and half immortal and thus eternally torn between the two states. Chiron was regarded as being the most exalted of all the centaurs and the Kings of Greece were said to have sent their princes to him for worldly instruction.

Sagittarius is one of the three Fire signs, the others being Leo and Aries. Just like Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius, we find that Sagittarius is positive in polarity which makes them extrovert in personality and outgoing in general rather than being withdrawn or highly sensitive.

Ruling planet: Jupiter Element: Fire Colour: Light blue Polar or opposite zodiac sign: Gemini

Useful other Sagittarius facts :

Element Fire
Ruling planet Jupiter
Ruling animal Scorpio
Your colour Purple
Star Stone Topaz
Favourite foods asparagus, cucumber, veal, lamb

Finally some famous (and infamous) Sagittarians :

Date Name What they did?
24 November 1864 Toulouse-Lautrec Artist
25 November 1844 Carl Benz Car Mogul
26 November 1938 Tina Turner Singer
27 November 1942 Jimi Hendrix Musician
8 December 1944 Jim Morrison Musician
10 December 1957 Mahara Ji Guru
15 December 1892 J. Paul Getty Industrialist
16 December 1770 L.V. Beethovan Composer
18 December 1946 Steven Spielberg Film maker


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