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Zodiac sign of Scorpio : traits & relationships explained


23 Oct - 21 Nov

As the eighth sign of the Zodiac Scorpio is represented by the scorpion - a contradicting sign to beat all others. The most intense and powerful characters in the zodiac, even when there is an appearance of self-control and an air of calm, often they hide their emotions beneath the placid exterior.

So the star sign of Scorpio can offer mystery and intrigue alongside an intuitive and adaptable persona. Just remember that most Scorpios have long memories and are strong willed and very determined. Cross them at your peril as they can be your best friend or your worst enemy!

Personal traits

As highlighted above, Scorpios are generally a force to be reckoned with thanks to their intuitive minds and intensity of character. Add into the mix an out and out stubborness and you'll find a true competitor in many cases - particularly if there is a battle for love. Scorpios adaptability and quick mind can help them in competition so again a star sign to watch out for in many situations.

With an abundance of energy, Scorpios can be good at harnessing this for contructive pruposes and by tempering self-confidence and using their shrewd and intuitive nature they can win over key doubters. It has been known for a streak of vindictiveness to enter the affray when wronged - so careful how you cross a Scorpio. In their relentess pursuit of what they want, they do not suffer fools and are unforgiving of faults in others even friends, but as a friend Scorpios can be very good to have on side.

Your key traits

The good traits The not so good traits

Personal relationships :

Without a doubt, the star sign of sex is Scorpio. As passionate lovers or rampant sex participants, they are the most sensually energetic of all star signs of the Zodiac. With an inner desire to lose themselves, Scorpios can here see that a union is greater than an individual. It has been seen that the 'star crossed lover' entity usually will involve the male or female being a Scorpio - and whether this is passionate or perverted, it is a trait that you should be fully aware of.

As previously mentioned, in a relationship never cross a Scorpio - and treat them with passion and honesty to get the best out of them. Remember they are best as friends and worst as enemies.

You like You dislike
Being involved
Using persuasion
Good causes
Demeaning work
Shallow people

Scorpio Health :

According to most accounts Scorpio is prone to diseases of the sexual organs and of the bladder and urinary tract and are particularly susceptible to infections in these areas. The skin is also an area of concern for Scorpio and if any difficulty arises in this area it should be tended to as quickly and as completely as possible.

Neurosis is a common ailment of Scorpio and though this would generally tend to turn this type of character towards hypochondria this is not a trait often associated with Scorpio.

Said to have a slow digestive tract Scorpio should avoid heavy or fatty foods and would do well to concentrate on having a good mixture of fruit and vegetables regularly in their diets. This helps to ensure the consumption of sufficient amounts of fibre required in order to combat this problem.

Fortunately Scorpio is found to be a good healer, never staying ill for very long and recuperating from any illness more quickly than do most of the other signs of the zodiac.

Scorpio is thus advised to be careful of their diet working out which foodstuffs tend to lead to problems and then eliminating these from their daily intake. Regular exercise should also be taken up as this not only combats a tendency to become overweight but also encourages the production of endorphins in the brain which help to calm worry in general and promote a sense of inner peace and happiness.

Scorpio Money/Career :

Scorpio is straight-talking and has a love of direct honesty making them ideal candidates for the legal or law enforcement professions. In other respects they are better off in places of employment where they can rely on their own resources in order to move forward as Scorpio has a great dislike of having to rely on others. In this way Scorpio is not generally regarded as the best team player, tending to strike out on their own to achieve their desired goals. In addition to the legal or law enforcement roles Scorpio will excel in the role of an investigative reporter or as a detective, seeking out the truth of the matter with great determination and stamina.

Due to the lone wolf type of personality demonstrated by Scorpio you will often find that someone born under this sign can be happiest when running their own business and thus being solely in charge of their own destiny. Piece work is particularly suited to Scorpio and we find many born under this sign working in this manner.

Where personal finances are concerned, Scorpio can become involved in peculiar dealings which either turn out very effectively and profitably or turn out to be dry wells. Losing money doesn't particularly worry a Scorpio, however, as those of this sign ten to be less interested in the more materialistic aspects of life. If Scorpio does end up impoverished for whatever reason their inner strength and sense of purpose will pull them out of this predicament before much time has passed and they will soon be back up on their feet again.

Scorpio in Astrology :

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is symbolised most often by the Scorpion but also by the Eagle and Phoenix in some cases. Having more symbols than any of the other signs reflects the complexity in the nature of those born under Scorpio. Scorpio is one of the three Water signs, the others being Cancer and Pisces. Just like Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces, we find that Scorpio is negative in polarity meaning that they prefer to be self-reliant rather than look outside for help and co-operation.

The sign of Scorpio is connected with both the beginning and the ending of things. While Scorpio is, of course, governed by the constellation of Scorpio, we find that this sign is also closely connected with the constellation of Orion having links with Orion in Greek mythology. In these tales Scorpio battles with Orion who had previously boasted that he intended to kill all of the creatures of the earth. Scorpio defeats Orion, thus saving all of the threatened beasts and this great endeavour is noticed by Zeus, head of the Greek pantheon, who in admiration at Scorpio's courage and fortitude, lifted him up to heaven and placed him amongst the stars.

Ruling planet: Pluto/Mars Element: Water Colour: Dark red Polar or opposite zodiac sign: Taurus

Useful other Scorpio facts :

Element Water
Ruling planet Pluto
Ruling animal Scorpio
Your colour Dark Red / Maroon
Star Stone Opal
Favourite foods strawberries, whole grains, bread, pasta

Finally some famous (and infamous) Scorpios :

Date Name What they did?
25 October 1881 Pablo Picasso Artist
27 October 1857 Theodore Roosevelt US president
28 October 1955 Bill Gates Computers
7 November 1867 Marie Curie Scientist
8 November 1907 Katherine Hepburn Actress
13 November 1850 Robert L. Stevenson Writer
14 November 1948 Prince Charles Royalty
19 November 1938 Ted Turner Media
22 November 1943 Billie Jean King Tennis


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