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Zodiac sign of Taurus : traits & relationships explained


20 April and 20 May

The zodiac sign of Taurus is represented by the mighty Bull. Taureans are characterised by practicality, determination and a strength of will that no other sign can match. Taureans are well grounded and balanced citizens and they love peace. The bull is the Taurus ruling animal and this backs up your strength and determination perfectly.

In general you have a good handle on material values and you respect the need for security. With an obstinate streak that could lead you to be a bit of a bore, you have much going for you.

Personal traits

Taurus individuals are faithful and generous friends and generally they are even tempered and good natured too. Whilst they dislike quarreling and arguments, if provoked Taureans can show their true bull side by bursting into a fit of anger having soaked up lots of pressure.

Tareans love the finer stuff and revel in comfort and luxury given half a chance. Taureans are good, hardworking individuals and are team players provided the leader is strong in character. With a reliable and practical ethic, when given trust and responsibility Taureans can excel.

Your key traits

The good traits The not so good traits

Personal relationships :

Based on your personal traits, you are a loving and fairly straight-forward partner - although that possesive streak can sometimes raise it's ugly head. Taureans are largely amorous and although sexually a little self-conscious are fairly no nonsense and straight forward.

Making faithful and loving partners Taureans are thoughtful and whilst they can be a little possessive, thanks to the determined streak will ensure protection and a loving relationship. Taureans are the closest sign to Earth (your element) and this is behind the stability you look for.

You like You dislike
Stability (personal & relationship)
Your comfort
Being hassled
Change or disruption
Roughing it

Taurus Health :

The throat and particularly the thyroid is the part of the body that can most often cause problems for those of the sign of Taurus according to astrological belief. In this way those of the sign of Taurus are much more liable to catch throat infections than those of the other star signs. And according to this understanding they are also susceptible to laryngitis, tonsillitis and strokes. Since Taurus rules the throat much of their power can supposedly drain away if they lose their voice.

Those of the sign of Taurus strive always for perfection in all that they do. This can lead to physical exhaustion and those of the sign of Taurus should beware of this happening. In this way Taurus is always best when they are able to manage to pace themselves with whatever projects in which they are involved. Taurus needs to remember to take proper breaks at the appropriate times.

Because Taurus wants everything that they do to turn out for the very best they are often brought low by depression when things don't progress as well as they'd like them to. Encouragement from others is often scant comfort to a Taurus as they have difficulties with taking advice in this area.

Those of the sign of Taurus are strongly advised to avoid any junk or processed foods as much as they possibly can as they are particularly susceptible to physical weakness later on in life if they eat too much of these things.

Taurus Money/Career :

Being practical and reliable those of the sign of Taurus make excellent employees and can also be very good at running their own businesses. Instinctively knowing what to do in a crisis the Taurus is great at trouble shooting and fixing problems.

Hardworking and with a huge amount of energy and perseverance when they decide to put their minds to it, those of the sign of Taurus can make an enormous difference to any project they are working on. In this way if someone of the sign of Taurus is treated well by their employer they will respond in kind and turn out to be a wonderful asset to any business. When those of the sign of Taurus are employed in government or civic positions then everyone in the community usually benefits.

Taurus works best when supplied with ideas from others. If Taurus is expected to come up with ingenious ideas on a regular basis then they may soon be found wanting in the workplace. However, the Taurus ability to both concentrate on detail and put in the long hours necessary to see a project's completion marks them out as being people most would want to have working in their business.

When they turn their minds to their own finances and concentrate on this area of life the sign of Taurus is unbeatable. In this way Taurus will make the most of their finances if circumstances allow and will often be able to survive on a smaller income than those of the other signs of the zodiac. Taurus does not like falling into debt and will do their utmost to avoid this.

Taurus in Astrology :

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the Bull. They are one of the three Earth signs, the others being Virgo and Capricorn. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. Just like Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces, we find that Taurus is negative in polarity meaning that they prefer to be self-reliant rather than look outside for co-operation.

Taurus is generally identified with the Greek deity Zeus (the ruler of the Greek pantheon). Zeus himself was at times represented as being a white bull. This ties in with Taurus being portrayed as being a stubborn character on the whole but it also reflects the nature of Taurus in its characteristics of strength and indefatigability.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love in Greek mythology. Since Venus is connected with the ideas of beauty and pleasure this is therefore also the case with Taurus. This shows up in Taurus's love for beautiful and attractive things and it is said that their heads can be turned by anything pretty.

The solid Earth is the element that is closely associated with Taurus and this is reflected in the character of Taurus in their dislike of vagueness and unreliability.

Accordingly this Earth quality leads Taurus to prefer things being clearly set out and sharply defined. This conservative attitude means that Taurus prefers solid ideas rather than nebulous ones.

Ruling planet: Venus Element: Earth Colour: Earth tones (green and orange) Polar or opposite zodiac sign: Scorpio

Useful other Taurus facts :

Element Earth
Ruling planet Venus
Ruling animal Bull
Your colour Pink
Star Stone Emerald
Favourite foods bacon, carrots, celery, peaches

Finally some famous (and infamous) Taureans :

Date Name What they did?
21 April 1816 Charlotte Bronte Writer
22 April 1937 Jack Nicholson Actor
23 April 1452 Leonardo DaVinci Artist & Inventor
30 March 1853 Vincent Van Gogh Artist
29 April 1901 Hirohito Japanese Royalty
1 May 1769 Duke of Wellington Military
6 May 1856 Sigmund Freud Psychologist
7 May 1833 Johnnes Brahms Composer
20 May 1908 James Stewart Actor


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